Giving and Receiving

The “dance” of giving and receiving is one that this community is fortunate to know well!

The daily classes you find here—LIVE via Zoom and “On Demand”—are our gift to you and the community we love.

As many of you know, we launched our online class “experiment” within 48 hours of the Shelter-in-Place orders of our county. The steep learning curve and tech glitches have kept us light on our feet! Thank you for joining us in this imperfect but whole-hearted effort to keep us all dancing and connected to ourselves and one another.

Please know these classes are, first and foremost, an OFFERING. Thank you for receiving our offering so graciously. Your appreciation and love of dance is what fuels us.

So many of you have asked “How can I give back?”

In honor of the dance of giving and receiving, we’ve placed this “tip jar” on the website to:

  • support our teachers who rely upon this teaching income
  • fortify the infrastructure that sustains us and,
  • try new things—like online dance classes!

If it is IN YOUR JOY and IN YOUR MEANS, please donate whatever amount is right for you.

If this is not your time for financial giving, please receive this gift fully and keep dancing with us!

For some of us this is a time to give freely. For some of us this is a time to receive fully. Ultimately, they become one in the same when we listen and respond to what is being asked of us in the moment.

Thank you for staying connected.
Thank you for being an important part of our community.

Your El Cerrito Dance Fitness Team,
Stephanie, Kae, Pam, Leigh, Christa & Elissa

Here are a few ways to give. This is a pay what you feel moment.



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Click here to find [email protected] on PayPal.

You will get a confirmation from Stephanie Randlett, my maiden name.

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Mail a check:

Stephanie Ramos
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