We offer 7 days a week of Zumba Fitness classes for you. Right now you can dance with us in your living rooms via our virtual classes or outdoors. Once social distancing is lifted, we will resume our regular classes at the El Cerrito Community Center.

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Outdoor classes offered at Korematsu on the basketball courts.

For registration, go to www.el-cerrito.org/onlinereg. Pre-registration and payment required to attend. We will be starting with the following times:

Wednesdays, 4pm Zumba with Christa
Saturday 9am Zumba with Stephanie
Sunday 9am Zumba – alternating Christa & Elissa.

Click here to review the protocols for outdoor classes.

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Morning classes login:

9am EVERYDAY (Sat & Sun too!)
10:15am EVERYDAY (Sat & Sun too!)